Gather round by the fire side. Nestle together on the earth that nurtures.  Watch the dancing flames that move with the freeness of hanging fabric in the wind. The cinder erupting with the faintest crackles like fireworks. Listen to the steady beating of the thundering drums that speak a language your body moves you to decipher. Each percussion draws you in. Now…hear our voices and listen to the truths that inspire our treasured Adinkra symbols.
wawa aba adinkra symbol pendant gold
 (Wawa aba): Literally, the Wawa seed – the one with the undeniably thick skin. It defies the intensity of tropical weather – unscathed by the scorching sun that reduces others to a crisp. Unbroken by the thunderous striking of the beating rain. From its substance emerges a tree of economic importance. An Adinkra symbol of toughness and perseverance, with a hidden wealth of potential.  The Adinkra symbol of strength is a good token that stands firm as a reminder to you or a loved one of the strength they possess. Warriors are survivors who have persevered. Shop the Strength Adinkra pendant
 (Duafe) -A symbol of the expertly crafted. This wooden comb is used by the royal women of the Ashanti kingdom – An article that adorns the crowns of queen mothers for that desired, distinguished look. Behold them and marvel. Their splendour is enchanting. Confidence unmatched. When this Adinkra symbol is styled on the wearer, it separates the woman form the girl. It is a symbol that reminds the wearer – each wearer – of their own unique and treasured beauty. A reminder that true beauty shines from the inside. Perfect for you or a loved one with a beautiful soul. Shop the Beauty Adinkra earrings
wawa aba
(Hye wo’nhye) The one who dances majestically with fire. The flames are like an accessory they command. See the gleam in their eyes as they triumph. They command your attention and you behold them in awe. The emblem worn by the traditional fire dancers – an indicator that the wearer is fireproof. A testament to their mastery of the art and element that has frightened, amazed and injured many. With patience, practice and a will of iron, they have perfected the art and skill of dancing with fire. It is a sign that through perseverance, anything can be overcome. The endurance Adinkra symbol is a perfect graduation gift idea for a loved one, who has overcome much. Shop the Endurance Adinkra earrings
Sankofa Ring
(Sankofa) – Return and take – a proverb which seeks to dwell on the wisdom of acquiring knowledge from the past and using it as a tool to improve the present and future. In recent years, it has become a popular symbol used by the diaspora of Ghana as a link to their cultural heritage. It is the representation of the spark that calls to the rhythmic beating of their hearts – Go back to your roots. Wear it as a reminder of your proud African heritage. In it we find a part of our identity, strength and hope. Shop the Knowledge Adinkra ring
bi nka bi
(Bi Nka Bi )- Harmony: bite not – As denoted from the fluidity and interconnectedness of all its forms, this is a proverbial Adinkra symbol that signifies harmony and peace. It reminds us that all are connected, and that peace, harmony and coexistence are the keys to progress, both of self and of society. -Like the melding of all parts of this work to create a masterful and beautiful whole.
The harmony Adinkra symbol invokes through its aesthetic, concurrence and balance in one’s life. This relates to all aspects of life including home and work- things that we often seek to keep separate but can heavily influence each other. Wear this as a mantra for peace and harmony. Give everything ample time so by this you miss nothing and live in all you can. Shop the Harmony Adinkra gift set
Nkonsonkonson Adinkra
(Nkonsonkonson) -The Chainlink – An idiomatic symbol that that expresses the belief that those who share a common blood relation never break away from one another. It is a representation displayed by families to signify their unbreakable bond, began through blood and forged through life. The Family Adinkra symbol is a good gift idea for a sibling or a best friend. A demonstration of a link that weathers storms and triumph over adversity. Shop the Family Adinkra bracelet
Gye Nyame Pendant
(Gye Nyame) – From the beginning of time, through the ages, even to the end of the world – God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He knows all things and can do all things. Gye Nyame reminds us that God is ever present in the affairs of men, situations and all creations. In the cold dark, wintery nights and the beautiful rejuvenation and fullness of life in the springs and summers of our life, he is there. We are never alone, and a higher power is working for our good. Trust Him. Unless He wills it, nothing happens. Without him nothing is possible – with Him, all things are possible.
Wear the Faith Adinkra symbol as a reminder that with God all things are possible. The Faith Adinkra symbol is a perfect reminder for a loved one who is about to take the next steps in their life. Shop the Faith Adinkra Key pendant.
(Nyamedua) – Tree of God – in times of old and in homes where the tradition is still alive, this plant was specifically planted in front of houses to ward off evil and bad omens. It is a barrier that, even from where it stands, envelope the inhabitants with its impenetrable shield while cleansing and purifying what is within. Adorn yourself with the Purity  Adinkra Symbol as a mantra of protection from bad energy and evil omens. Shop the Purity Adinkra ring
Visualise this: An epic scene played in slow motion. The camera pans, cinematically filling your screen with dramatic angles filmed in black white and grey tones – intense orchestral music evoking emotions buried deep within you. Confidence and fear. An army arises, thundering away with ferocity. Marching forward. Their footsteps disturb the dust and seem to shake the earth in their wake …but hearts do not tremble. Eyes are fixed on them but they do not quiver. Why? Because their fortress is present and impenetrable. They strike at it and it does not crumble.
(Aban) is the strong fence constructed around traditional homes, protecting the buildings and all within its belt from any possible attacks from man and beast alike. It stands not only as a refence to the protection and stronghold of home but, metaphorically, it is a prompt to guard our hearts. Moreover, like we would those we cherish and what we hold dear- even as we love and protect, so must we love and protect the most sensitive parts of our being. Shield yourself from negative energy and people. Wear the Protection Adinkra bracelet as a mark of the stronghold you possess.